Mr. Gene Latour, President

Gene Latour is president of V-ROD Canada, representative and partner of Pultrall Inc, the manufacturer of the V-ROD® line of FRP composite reinforcing since 2002. Gene was on the technical committee on the Product Certification of FRP materials for the ISIS Canada “Specifications for Product Certification of FRP’s as Internal Reinforcement in Concrete Structures”, the predecessor to the CSA S-807. Gene is also a member of ACI, TAC, CSCE, CPCI, TCA and RSIO and sits on various marketing committees.

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PH. (905) 738-8191 Ext 111

Mo. (416) 919-3043


Mr. Brad Smith

GFRP technical sales

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Mr. Samuel Doucet,  P.Eng

Structural Engineering and Design Manager

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Mr. Khaled Mohamed, Ph.D. EIT

Design Engineer

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