GFRP Specification Guide

Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) is the primary type of reinforcement used in concrete structures with rebar sizes from #2 (6M) to #10 up to (32M). V-ROD is available in 40 GPa Grade I (LM), 50 GPa Grade II (Std) and 60 GPa Grade III (HM) grades according to the CSA S807-10 FRP Specification. Along with straight bar, standard and custom bends, stirrups, ties, circular ties and continuous spirals are available.


This page gives overall picture of the specifications available for the V-ROD GFRP.

V-ROD 60GPa Grade III - Apr 2017   

V-ROD 50GPa Grade II - Jul. 2013  

V-ROD 40GPa Grade I - Apr 2017   

V-ROD 45GPa Polyester hybrid - Apr 2018   

V-ROD PC (architectural rod) - Sept. 2013  

V-ROD - Technical Specifications BENDS Grade III - Feb. 2013 

V-ROD - Technical Specifications BENDS Grade I - Jul. 2013 

V-ROD Bend Guidelines - July 2016