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Highway 417 (Queensway) Carling Av/Kirkwood Av rapid replacement

This is the second project of the MTO on the Ottawa Queensway utiizing rapid replacement technoogy where SPMT's (self propelled modular transporters) were used to remove existing bridges and then transport the new structures into place. The other unique component of this project was utilizing the non-corrosive V-ROD® GFRP reinforcing where 40GPa GI and 60Gpa GIII rods were used in the deck reinforcing. V-ROD® provides high strength perfomance while corrosion resistance provides long-term sustainability and durability of structures to owners. 

Hwy 417 rapid replacement - YouTube link


Hwy 7/407 underpass northeast of Toronto, ON

V-ROD GFRP was used in the barriers of the Hwy 7 and 407 expansion with both 40GPa GI and 60GPa GIII bar used. Using V-ROD in the splash zones assures the owner of long-term durability.